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Att Trimline Corded Phone

Every day, corded phones are becoming more and more a thing of the past. It’s not uncommon to find a household that does not even have a landline, and of those that do, most are cordless phones. However, a corded phone can come in handy – especially when the power is out – and since they’re pretty cheap, it’s a good idea to invest in one, even if you never use it.

For a good yet inexpensive corded phone, AT&T’s Trimline TR1909 fits the bill. It’s suggested retail price is only $14.95, and it comes with Caller ID and Call Waiting functionality (assuming you’re signed up for both services with your phone plan). When you buy the phone, you get the base, the handset, a cord to connect the two, and also a cable to connect to the wall jack. The only thing that is not included are four AA batteries, which you’ll need if you want to use Caller ID and a few of the other features.

The phone is easy to use, but it does come with a quick start guide and a user manual that outline all of the features and how to use them. If you just want it as a basic phone, you can just plug it into the wall jack and it’s ready to use. The Trimline is wall-mountable, and the quick start guide has detailed instructions for wall installation.

The sound quality is decent, comparable to most standard landline phones. It has a clearer sound than cordless phones, and it’s much easier to hear on than a cell phone. A switch on the phone’s base lets you adjust the ringer volume, and a switch on the handset controls the call volume. (There is also a mute button.)

Some of the additional features the phone has are a 13-number memory, an 80-number log of incoming calls, and the ability to “display dial” – by hitting the Dial button, you can call the number currently displayed in the log, without having to key it in. It has a redial button, but by using display dial you can redial more than just the most current number.

I found the Trimline at Best Buy for $14.99 (it was the cheapest phone they had) but you can buy it online from Amazon for $12.84.

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