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Apple Poised to Offer Lossless Sound Quality on Itunes

In the technology driven world that we live in today, there are any number of software’s available for consumers to user to download music. Whether downloading it to a computer, iPod, or MP3 player, songs can be downloaded quickly and easily given today’s high speed connections. One of the more recognizable names for music downloading has been iTunes, the offering from Apple. With that said, Apple is looking to make improvements to iTunes, and thus are poised to offer “lossless” sound quality on its site.

If you’re a music aficionado and have listen to both original and cd or download copies of some music, well you can tell that there is a difference in the quality of what you are hearing. In some cases, consumers let it be known that the problem of poor sound quality was even worse when it came to songs they downloaded from iTunes. Apple heard these complaints and as usual, went about trying to fix the issue. They are doing this by going to various record labels and asking to be able to give customers loseless audio content.

For those not familiar with the term, loseless refers to music that is of hi-fidelity quality, which in download terms would mean 24-bit downloads for the customer. See what customers receive now is washed down music if you will. In the studio setting, music is mastered in a high-fidelity format. Sounds great when your hearing it played on the airwaves of America.

Ah, but before it reaches the hands of John Q. Public, some other things take place first. To be able to get it to the consumer in the form of a CD or the digital file you download from your music site, it is compressed to 16-bit audio. Then it gets cheapened more quality wise when it gets even more compressed to be able to get into the MP3 format which you get from iTunes.

With that said, iTunes is trying to now give back to the consumer what they are actually hearing on the air instead of the watered down variety of music it now offers. The question involved will be if the record labels will allow it, and if it does how much this will impact the wallet of said consumer. The music industry is a business and you can’t expect for them to up the quality of these online music downloads and not think it will cost in the long run.

More music acts are starting to offer their works online in a lossless format and the support for it has been pretty robust from all indications. There is even word, as cited on the dailymail.uk site, that Apple will be developing another device that will be able to hold significantly more data than previous iPods and such, so that people would be able to have large volumes of lossless music.

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