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Apple Ipod

The MP3 player market is being dominated by Apple, and with the release of the Apple iPod Touch 4G, Apple has secured its place for another year to come. Ever since the release of the iPod Touch 1G in September 2007, Apple has added on numerous new features that make the iPod Touch 4G a gadget worth having.

• Tech Specs

With a height of 4.4 inches and a width of 2.3 inches, the iPod Touch 4G is also slimmer with a depth of only 0.28 inches. In this new design, Apple has made the iPod Touch more square-like than previous ones and has also curved the edges a little bit more, providing a smooth and sleek feel to it. The new iPod is also lighter at 3.6 oz compared to the 4.2 ounces of the previous model. This new model also features a microphone along with a 0.7 Megapixel camera which is capable of 720p HD video recording and high resolution pictures. Along with this, another camera is included in the front which enables video calling to and from iPhones.

• Features

Out of the box, the iPod Touch 4G has a lot of exciting new features in addition to the base applications. It includes a game center which enables users to play multiplayer games with other friends over WiFi or bluetooth. Also included is a FaceTime application which allows the user to send a receive video calls to and from other users with iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G. However, a WiFi connection is required for this feature to work. However, the most exciting new feature that Apple has added is the new Retina Display. The screen is equipped with 960 by 640 resolution which makes everything look incredibly better. Fully charged, the Apple iPod Touch 4G can go on for 40 hours with music and 7 hours with video.

• Applications

In addition to the base applications such as the App Store, Safari, Photos, Videos and Maps, Apple has also added the Nike+iPod App as a factory addition and iMovie is also available at the App Store now. Voice Control is also enabled on the new model. As its core purpose, the new iPod Touch is still able to play music but TV shows and Movies have a whole new feel when watched on the widescreen Retina Display. Also included is the new multitasking feature, enabling users to keep their work in one app while switching to the other. In addition, the keyboard tracks what you type and then suggests words and spellings in the future, offering faster typing and more time saving. By enabling folders, you can also clear out the clutter and organize your apps by category, name or whatever you feel like.

• Sensors

Before, the iPod Touch was only equipped with an accelerometer, but now it comes with an Ambient light sensor which adjusts the screen brightness according to the lighting and saves valuable battery life. Also equipped is a new three axis gyroscope which enhances the capabilities of the accelerometer and provides improved movement.

• Pricing

The Apple iPod Touch 4G is still the same price as the previous ones. 8 GB – $229. 16 GB – $299. 32 GB – $399. Although it is still a bit pricey, the iPod remains something worth having for users of all ages.

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