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AOL/Huffington Post shuts down Download Squad blog

AOL/Huffington Post has shut down a popular technology blog in what could represent a first move in the company’s effort to reinvent itself after AOL’s highly publicized purchase of the Huffington Post earlier this year.

The blog, Download Squad, was a popular destination for techies looking for all kinds of software news, but especially news about the cloud. Download Squad was part of a blog network called Weblogs, Inc. and was acquired together with its companion blogs by AOL in 2005. The blog was well regarded in the tech and blogger community and was even recognized for its well written content by ComputerWorld.

Mashable says that the editor of Download Squad http://downloadsquad.switched.com/, Sebastian Anthony, sent out a tweet telling the world that AOL had terminated his blog. Although the blog still seems to be accessible online for the time being, a farewell post from Anthony refers readers to other AOL properties.

Switched, a platform with which Download Squad was associated, has posted on its site that it has been absorbed into HuffPost Tech. So, while Download Squad got dumped at least some of the Switched community will live on in the reincarnated HuffPost.

Speculation about why Download Squad got the ax seems to suppose that the blog was losing relevance because it focused too much on desktop software at a time when mobile and cloud applications are at the forefront of the technology sphere. Although that may be the case, there appears to be no official word from AOL/Huffington Post as to the official reasons for killing the blog.

In a somber tweet from what appears to be a dispirited Anthony, he alluded to his emotional framing of the news that his blog was discontinued saying that Angry Birds was a “fitting” theme for the last blog post ever to grace the pages of Download Squad.

Other changes may be in the works at the AOL/HuffPost as the company seeks ways to capitalize on its $315 million dollar acquisition of the famous left-wing blog platform, Huffington Post.

Any news about goings on at the company has been drowned out by news that bloggers from the Huffington Post have filed a class action lawsuit against Arianna Huffington and AOL for failing to compensate writers who built value into the site as part of the sale. Instead, Huffington has taken all the money herself with no apparent intention to share it with the writers and bloggers who propelled the site to become a top destination on the Internet.

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