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An Introduction to Apples Icloud

The idea of cloud computing is not new. It basically leverages on shared resources so as to maximize its capabilities as opposed to having many stand-alone computers. By sharing common information between computers in a networked environment, there is no duplication of information as users across the cloud network will have access to the same information. There is now no longer a need to know where that information is physically located as it is delivered on demand.

Apple’s iCloud is nothing more than cloud computing, but perhaps a scaled down version as naturally you wouldn’t be able to do as much as a full computer is able to. Nevertheless, it still promises to be more than just on-line storage. It tries to mimic cloud computing in the sense that all information that is updated on any of their products be it an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer, that information is wirelessly transmitted to an on-line revolving profile that allows instant sharing of the same information across all devices. All it requires is that the user registers their devices with the same user email or identity.

Imagine a transparent transition of data exchanges between your computer at home and whichever device that you may choose to work with for the day. Your notes, documents, music and apps are all pushed down seamlessly across to all your devices. It is as simple as that and as Apple promises, there is no need for any more content management as the free basic iCloud service will do it for you. iCloud comes included in the latest Lion OS X and will also be available on the iOS 5 that will soon be released in a couple of months in fall 2011.

According to Apple’s latest offering, the moment a note is taken and saved, or a photo is snapped, the data will be wirelessly pushed to the other devices in your arsenal of Apple gadgetry. iCloud promises to eliminate the tedious process of syncing your data, music or photos ever again. You won’t need to wonder where you kept your content anymore as all information stored in your devices will be one and the same. This is a significant upgrade from its predecessor for those who are familiar with Apple’s iTools, .Mac or MobileMe service.

With 5 Gigabyte of free storage, you will never be short of data storage space. The service is in line with the global push for cloud computing as it means increased computing ability for the user. The user is definitely able to do much more and derive more functionality out of their devices. At a touch, users will be able to access the same information that is stored at home on the laptop without having to physically download or update the iPhone device. It is truly an all in one solution.

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