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Amazon Kindle Battery Care and up keep Tips Battery Life Extension

The Amazon Kindle is an electronic reading device one which users can store and read thousands of books. The portability of the Kindle is one of the best features, but most technology that is portable will suffer from issues regarding its battery life. The Kindle already boasts one of the longest battery lifespan but there are small changes the user can make to make the life last even longer.

The Kindle 3 is advertised as having a whole month’s battery life without needing to be charged. If wireless is enabled, Amazon claims it will last up to 10 days. This is an incredible amount of time when compared to smart phones or PDAs which only seem to last a few hours. There are four areas for users to consider when trying to extend the battery life of their Kindle.

¤ Charging ¤

Users charge their Kindle using either the plug or by connecting the device to the computer using the USB cable. The Kindle has two coloured LEDs to let the user know when it is charged. The light appears orange when charging and green when charged; however users may find benefit from leaving the device plugged in, even after the green light is shown. The device usually charges in around 90 minutes but if users leave it charging for 3 to 4 hours, the difference is noticeable.

¤ Wireless ¤

The Kindle is able to connect to wireless networks in order to update, access the Internet and tweet or share on Facebook. Having the wireless turned on however, reduces the life of the battery by approximately two thirds. This is because the device maintains a constant connection. This is an unnecessary waste of power as the user will only require internet use in small doses. So the Kindle gives the opportunity to turn off the wireless by pressing menu and selecting that option. This is a really big saving in terms of battery life.

¤ Indexing ¤

Once a book has been loaded onto the Kindle, the device begins to index it so that it can easily be searched through later. This takes a lot of power for the device to achieve and it will continue indexing even while asleep. To stop indexing from draining the battery, users are advised to keep the devices charging for an hour or two after installing a new book. When the user searches, the device will say if any books are currently being indexed. If none are, it will not say anything.

¤ Covers ¤

This is purely to do with the two official Kindle covers sold by Amazon. These are the lit cover and the unlit cover. The lit cover comes with an LED light which runs from the Kindles battery via connective plates in the clips which hold the Kindle in place. Clearly limiting the use of the light will save power. It is the unlit case however which tends to cause more of a problem to the battery life. As this case is exactly the same, only minus the light, the clips are also plates for transferring power, and it seems many users are finding that when their Kindle is connected to the case, even when turned off, that the battery drains very quickly. The tip must be, for users that experience this problem, to leave the Kindle out of the case for as much of the time as possible.

These four simple tips are all users need to ensure their Kindle battery is working well and efficiently. Simply leaving it charging for longer, especially when it is indexing, and turning wireless off, can have a massive impact on the longevity of the battery.

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