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Alternative to Kazaa

Kazaa was a widely used and popular program to downlaod music and video files but there are alternative available that provide better options to users. This includes the use of BitTorrent, online music stores and online video sites such as YouTube and Hulu. There are many different alternatives to Kazaa depending on what type of file as user is looking for.

A widely used alternative to Kazaa for sharing and downloading files is the use of BitTorrent. This type of peer to peer file sharing uses pieces of files called torrents that can be downloaded in various pieces by users that are sharing the same torrent files. Many different types of files can be shared and downloaded by the use of BitTorrent. This includes large movie files as well as music and picture files aw well. In order to download and share a torrent file a user will need to download and install a BitTorrent client. The client software searches for available torrent files across the internet and downloads the pieces needed to complete a file.

Another alternative to using Kazaa to download music and video files is to use the online music stores such as iTunes and Amazon. The iTunes mucis store offers individual music tracks for sale as well as various television shows by the major networks. Kazaa was mostly used for the downloading and sharing or copyrighted works which led to lawsuits to stop its use. The iTunes store is a legitimate alternative to downloading and using music and movie files. Amazon.com is another place that users can go do download various music and movie files to enjoy.

Online video sites such as YouTube and Hule are yet another alternative to watching and listening to various music videos and television shows. YouTube is a great place to go to find various music videos from many of the major music labels. These are totally free to watch and listen too. Hulu is another website that is available to watch various television programming that is available from most of the major television networks. One benefit of these sites is that they are commercial free but do contain some form of advertising to earn revenue for the site as well as the network studios.

There are many more alternative available to users today than there were when programs such as Kazaa were popular for what they could offer. At the time there was no real viable way to share and obtain certain music and video files on the internet. This inevitably led to lawsuits and forced content providers to come up with a way to make their products more widely available.

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