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Adding or Blocking Posts and Feeds from Friends Applications and Fan Pages on Facebook

Is you Facebook News Feed full of messages you don’t want? If it is, there are several ways to unclutter your feed. Instead of telling your friends to stop playing so many games or totally removing your connection to a fan page, you can block messages from people, applications, or fan pages. Start by putting your cursor over a post that you don’t want to see. Click the “X” that appears to the right of the post. A menu with three or four choices will appear. “Hide this post” will remove the individual post, “Hide all by Bob Smith (or Farmville)” will remove the post and prevent all future posts from that person (or application). Those are your most direct choices. One or two other options may appear below a line. “Unlike Page” will appear if the post came from a fan page. This will remove the page from your profile. “Mark as Spam” will remove the post and try to keep similar items out of your news feed. If you do mark a post as spam, consider it an experiment. Facebook will try to block similar posts.There is no way you can know in advance what future posts will be considered similar to the post you have selected, and blocked.

If you choose to remove all posts from a given source, a message like “Posts Now Removed: Posts from Spammy Prize Giveaways will no longer appear in your News Feed. Edit News Feed Options” will replace the post. As long as this message stays visible in your news feed, you can undo the removal. Click the “Edit News Feed Options” link and a pop up box with a list of all the feeds you have hidden will pop up. Click the “Add to News Feed” next to the friend you just removed to see their posts again.

If you decide you want to add someone you have hidden back later, you can still do it. Scroll down to the bottom of your news feed and click “Edit Options”. A settings box will appear, with a “Show More” box and a “Hide” box. If you want to hide a friend, you can do it here by typing their name into the “Hide” box. Under these boxes, there will be a list of feeds you already chosen to hide or show more of. Remove feeds from these lists by clicking the “X” next to them. If you have hidden a friend, undo it by clicking the “X” next to your friend’s name. If you want to see more from a friend, type their name into the “Show More” box. There is one more setting in the news feed settings box. The number in the “Number of Friends” box controls how many friends you want shown in your news feed. The default and maximum is 250. If you have more friends than that, do not be shy about hiding some if you don’t like their posts. Facebook will then be able to show you others.

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