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A truly Outstanding Laptop in every Aspect

Sony already has set a trend in laptop designing. Sony vaio laptops are strictly outstanding both in respect of configuration and classy stylish outlook.For the case of VAIO FW series, the promotional theme from Sony was digital HD viewing experience.

They have put lots of effort on this concept. To be honest they are successful as well. The 16.4″ widescreen display is an absolute trend setter, a complete satisfaction. They have put a thin bazel inside screen, for closer viewing experience. In simple words, you will enjoy the same viewing experience from sideways or straight way, in every possible angle, which makes this model winner than other laptop in present days market. We all have experienced a little black shed while we try to watch from side in other usual laptops, but this FW series model, you won’t experience that.

Let’s talk about the specification of this laptop. The processor is extremely powerful, with mammoth data bus speed of 1066 MHz. The wider data bus speed, the higher performance of laptop.It also has a considerable amount of cache memory sizeof 3MB. You can perform simultaneous actions with even noticing any change in speed in this case. It is also 64 bit processor with Intel speedstep technology. This allows you to save more energy without affecting your laptop’s performance. Truly amazing, isn’t it?

It’s come with 3 GB DDR 2 ram, and as usual this laptop also has the slot of max 4GB of ram. What is amazing about this DDR2 ram is there high bus speed of 800 MHz. As I have mentioned before, the higher bus speed, the higher performance for the laptop. This is maximum speed available for DDR2 ram and truly allows you to enjoy all the high spec games available in market.

It also comes with graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 256 mb, yes gamers can complain why they did not put NVIDIA GeForce 9300M, as nvidia is the gamers first choice. But there a very good reason behind this, as NVIDIA is suffering from overheating problem for their G84 chips, which allows the HD 3470 better option for the time being.

Okay let’s talk about limitation. First of all it is a remarkably beautiful laptop but it is kind of overweight. It weighs around 3.1 kg, which is slightly heavier than normal. It’s a setback. Again, when you can put so effort in putting the high spec processor and huge ram, why not put at least 512 graphics card. Think about it. Well I prefer 15.4″ screen, its standard and not that much large, yes yes i know the motto of Sony for FW vaio series for ultimate viewing satisfaction, still we are here talking about laptop. That means mobility, lightweight, and easier to carry. So I personally think the screen is kinda larger than it’s necessary. For ultimate viewing satisfaction, we can have a HDTV, what is point of having an awkwardly large screen laptop which is also overweight as well. And, it is very very pricey. If you want to buy this laptop from high street shops, you have spend like more than 600. Well, if you want the best laptop, you have to spend money. That’s how it goes.

All in all, this is a brilliant laptop considering high spec and classy outlook. It will definitely satisfy the gamers, and web developers. Highly recommended.

Thank you very much for reading.

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