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A Review of Veritas Articles

Article sites on the internet appear to be a growing trend – one of the best examples that all sites should aspire to is Helium.com. The ability of writers (from all around the world) to submit their own work, without the fear of a professional editor destroying the confidence of budding enthusiasts at the first step.

To make any site like this successful it needs: a good accessible design that is user-friendly, subject-titles that will engage with the writers and readers, with some incentive to come back and participate further.

veritasarticles.com is a very new article site – taking into account the rather modest quantity of submitted articles at the present time. The site design is sparse and slightly underwhelming upon initial viewing – there is nothing eye-catching to feel you have stumbled upon something special.

A simple title banner heads the homepage – below the welcome paragraph is a Google-ads banner that precedes the latest five articles submitted. Other than a small main menu on the left-hand border (with a sub-section about acceptable content) and a few more Google-ads down the page – there is a strange double posting of the article categories – one down the side column and a larger section (with a bold font type-face) in the bottom section of the page.

There doesn’t appear to be any word limits imposed on the articles at Veritas articles, but all articles are apparently reviewed before final posting. With 28 categories, there is more than enough varied subjects for most people to contribute to. Articles are presented in a clean and concise manner – with an easy-on-the-eye font with the inevitable Google-ads again taking the eyes attention from the text.

The site is obviously in its infancy at this stage, members are still in short-supply (only 12 at the time of writing) so with more activity the site has potential to grow, given more support. Key to its growth could be its claim to be a Do-follow directory (it’s mentioned in the title bar). This means that any links mentioned in an article will be indexed by Google’s search engine, thereby increasing traffic and the visibility of anything linked through from the article itself.

veritasarticles.com doesn’t have a earnings or payment possibilities like a “Helium” or “Associated Content” site so you would join for the added exposure of your work – with the opportunity to have positive links through to other sites you have as another bonus. There is no form of community either as no forum of any kind exists as yet – this addition could add to what is otherwise a sterile environment at the current time.

More users could make the site something more than it is now – it feels somewhat lacking but with some added polish could be a smart little site in the near future.

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