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A look at how Facebooks like Button Works on other Websites

A Look at How Facebook’s Like Button Works on Other Websites

How would you like to market your business online? Perhaps any means will do as long as it can drive in more traffic to your site. SEO is the very common one aside from the PPC. Social networking is also another option. Hence, it is widely utilized and recognized as very responsive and effective means. Facebook has seen this and, thus, developed a very creative response to online marketers.

Millions of Facebook users all across the world are getting hooked to this social website everyday. The community it builds is transcendent and business makers are grabbing the chance of posting their business ads here. The multitude number of Facebook users is actually their prospective group of buyers and clients.

The “like” button in Facebook is very common. Initially, it is the “Become a Fan” button and is considered limited in scope. The developer has been so nice to business minded persons since the “like” button can be incorporated into their own websites directly linking their page to anyone’s news feeds which becomes visible to his friends’ news feeds as well. Facebook automatically updates the profile of the one who clicks the “like” button.

The “liking” activity posted will generate more followers for there’s a big possibility that the one who clicks the “like” button share the same interests with his group of friends or he can even recommend/suggest the site to everyone. This will create a heavy traffic towards your site which is actually your main intention. Thus, the “like” button is much more of a business tool facilitating the marketing method abruptly.

Whether your site is selling products or ideas, your ranking in the major search engines is also enhanced through the “like” button of Facebook. Although Facebook doesn’t intend to surpass search engine giants such as Google and Yahoo!, the more people click the powerful button the higher your site’s generation of leads is. This is very true since in the search function of Facebook any member will go for those sites with more members who like it than with no one at all. This will automatically add extra points on your credibility.

The inclusion of the “like” button in any website can attract any searcher since it carries the Facebook name. No wonder that in the next coming phases of internet innovation, other online marketing strategies will be outfaced by the simple yet very prevailing “like” button of the leading social website called Facebook.

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