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4 Free Ways to Learn to Code Online

People who want to learn more about how to program but lack either the time or the money to get the education they need. The Internet age takes care of most of those concerns, it no longer takes money to learn how to program, because many free resources exist that help people learn on their own schedule.

Of course, it may take some time to decide which programming language to learn. Everything from SQL to PHP, C++ to Visual Basic and more is available for online learning. At first glance, some budding programmers may want to learn it all, so they may want to prioritize their learning based on some of the information they find here.

To help get people started in the wide world of programming, Mashable highlighted some of the best free ways to learn computer and Web programming using the Internet. Some of those great free resources are listed below.

University of Berkley

This famous university has free online Webcasts that provide a lot of lectures and classroom instruction about information technology, computers and programming. many of the products offered at the Berkley Web site are actual college-level Computer Science classes made available to the online public.

Mozilla Developer Training

Mozilla, the foundation that coordinates the production and release of the popular Mozilla Firefox Web browser has an online school for developers. Its so-called “School of Webcraft” teaches a number of programming languages including HTML and python. Students there can learn to create their own browser add-ons, create their own CSS pages and more.


The Google Code service is a vast resource of information for programmers that coding students can glean from to learn new skills. Its Google Code University offers structured online classes that can build a solid ground-up repertoire of programming skills that are great for any techie.


Open courses at MIT present a more formal feel to free online learning. With an almost universal reputation for excellence, Web users can learn programming from the best instructors in the world. This collection of college training is not limited to programming and other IT topics. Users will find more than 2000 courses to choose from that can form the foundation of an entire lifetime of learning.

Readers are encouraged to visit and experience all four of these brilliant educational Web sites. They will likely be surprised at how easy it is to learn how to program for free on their own schedule.

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