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3 Steps to Improve your Social Media Experience

Spring is the time of year when thoughts turn to housekeeping and sweeping out all the dust and cobwebs that have gathered over the Winter months. Over on Social Media Today, the writers seem to think that Spring is the perfect time to do so some long-needed social spring cleaning to make sure that you’re getting the best out of the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

The time of year is a good reminder, of course, but in actual fact these three recommendations are a good touch point at any month in the calendar. It’s easy to get transfixed with the numbers and details when it comes to social media but it’s also just as easy to step back and take a few simple steps to clear out the clutter and make the most of it.

Google yourself

Often discussed over drinks with friends or at a party, the idea of Googling yourself is not quite the throwaway suggestion it might sound. The more sites that you’re contributing to, the larger your social presence is going to be and it doesn’t hurt to stop and ask whether that’s what you want it to be. Social Media Today points to some good things to think about. Is your data private? Can people find out details about you that you wouldn’t want? Can employers find you and, if they can, can they see or read things they shouldn’t. If you find things you don’t like, start changing your settings and clearing out some of those profiles. Social media are about identifying how you want to be found, who by and what you want those people to know about you.

Enhance your profile

Your social presence should be an accurate reflection of ‘now’. Are your employment details up to date on LinkedIn? Do your profiles contain a recent, flattering photo? Are all the right details completed? Try looking at your profiles as a visitor and maybe get a second opinion on what your profiles say about you. You can also reflect on your friends and followers. Look through the sort of content that they’re sharing to decide whether you want to be part of that feed. Social spring cleaning is a great opportunity to take stock.

Twitter – time to clear out

Twitter has a tendency to encourage volume rather than than quality. It can feel like an exercise in collecting as many followers as possible. The trouble is, if you never read their

s (or take any interest in what their

s say) then they probably aren’t worth following. They may stop following you when you drop them from the list but that doesn’t matter. On Twitter, you can build a volume following based on common interests. It doesn’t just need to be ‘anyone and everyone’.

Some of these tips can be built into more regular, automated routines. A Google Alert, for example, can draw your attention to the mention of your name. That aside, taking the opportunity to think about your social presence is generally time well spent, and shouldn’t really just be left until Spring time.

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