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10 Easy Tips to Improve Computer Performance

Enhancing the overall system performance of any Windows based system, or other alternative, does not require that much. Some tweaking, plus a little bit of software will do this. So, here are 10 tips that will enhance system performance.


To begin with, consider removing unwanted software if the hard-disk is filling up. With an overly full hard-disk you can expect that the system may become slower. As such, remove any software that may seem surplus to requirements.


Then, you may also want to take into consideration any software that may be starting with Windows, as this can make Windows slower to start. These are displayed at the right side of the task-bar, and via Window’s start-up manager you can manage which software starts with Windows. Alternatively, freeware software can also provide these options.


Change the system display options, or to be more specific consider adjusting and reducing Window’s resolution. To do this, you may go to display settings. Here, you may also consider reducing other options. Overall, the more minimal these options selected the less resources are depleted.


Make good use of the system tools that Windows already has. In this respect, most recommended are the system disk clean-up which will remove unneeded files, and the disk defrag system tool. These are found on the start menu under the accessories folder.


Install Glary Utilites. Glary Utilities is great utility software which has a variety of options that can enhance system performance. Alternatively, one-click maintenance options included with the likes of Tune-Up Utilities are also recommended.


When running games consider reducing the graphics settings. By doing so, the game will become faster, albeit with more limited graphics.


Do not multi-task! When more software is opened and ran simultaneously the system resources are reduced, and so things may become a little slower. Therefore, close any background software that may not be required, and keep just one window on the task-bar.


Install a good registry cleaner. Registry cleaners scan the registry, and then will remove unwanted or redundant items from the registry. By doing so, the system can become more effective and reliable than was previously the case.


Make use of ReadyBoost with Windows Seven. Windows Seven allows for additional USB (universal serial bus) sticks to provide more memory space. With ReadyBoost compatible storage devices select the ReadyBoost option from the AutoPlay dialogue box.


The final tip is to empty the recycle bin. Some utility software may do this anyway, but if not go to recycle bin and then select empty. Do this with some regularity if you delete files often.

So, these are ten straight forward tips that will go some way to enhancing system performance. Via Window’s options and freeware utility software system performance can be enhanced fairly comprehensively.

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