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1 vs 100 Iphone App Review

Television game shows are fun and engaging. So, it’s not surprising that suddenly many iPhone apps cater to people who love watching game shows. I admit to being one of these people. After all, my parents also love watching game shows, so undoubtedly I had to watch them growing up (and I learned to love most of them, too).

1 vs. 100 is a relatively new television show, meaning it’s been running for less than 10 years (after all, take a look at Jeopardy!, a game show that’s been running for quite some time now). At any rate I wanted to try the app for 1 vs. 100, especially since I like trying new apps.

The game costs only 99 cents, which is a fantastic price for any app. I think that most apps that are not “new” (meaning the basic gaming premise isn’t anything new) should cost less than $5. And, those with mediocre gameplay should cost even less.

I am happy that this game costs only 99 cents. Even though the graphics are great for a game of this price, the people do not look realistic and they actually look a little repetitive. It looks like the graphics merit this game a low rating, since it looks like the people’s bodies are all the same and only their heads were created differently and then pasted onto the bodies. That looks like lazy and sloppy work. There are actual voices used, but even that is not enough to keep me interested in playing the game. The real voices can get annoying at times, too. The questions can get repetitive. It would have been a nice touch for the developers to include downloadable questions. There should also be some grammar editing, since some of the questions don’t make sense. The “fun” in the television game is virtually non-existent. There is no excitement, which makes this game a flop. Truly, I’m thankful I only spent 99 cents on this game, but I still regret spending that dollar nonetheless.

All in all the gameplay is quite smooth, especially since I restarted my device before playing this game. However, you may experience some lagging in terms of loading times and transition between scenes. These might be fixed only by restarting the game, which is a pain.

So if you are looking for a game show app game, you will have to skip 1 vs. 100. Your dollar is better spent elsewhere.

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