August 18

Are you Sterile? See About IVF and How it Can Help

Sometimes it is impossible to carry a baby inside the mother’s womb, then a surrogate is called upon and the baby is born from the surrogate still the mother gives the egg and the sperm is from the father. Here the father and mother meant as the biological father and mother. The biological father rand mother only gives the sperm and the egg in fertilization but the surrogate carries the baby for 8 months and she keeps good care of that baby. She carries the baby and also rears the baby for those months. This process is for the surrogates people take for having a child. The surrogates are the mother of that baby who carries the baby for several months while the biological mother is unable to bear the child in her womb. The biological mother may have several complications because of the baby.

Sometimes the situation arises such as the mother may have a baby but it can take her life forever. Sometimes situation arises such as the baby is in very complicated position and that is why the mother may be dead or the child must be dead. It is most difficult to choose one to live. Most of the time mother wants the child to be alive and the family wants the mother alive. Doctors try their level best to keep both alive but sometime it becomes impossible and only then doctors keep the mother alive. Everyone wants to have child but even after these complications people should not get children and that is logical. But human are made of several complicated emotions and most of the time they do not think about the consequences. People still want to have children and they do not want to have sick children. They prepare themselves for getting children again.

All already know the commonly known process. There are alternatives too as noted by rsmc fertility clinic. Of all alternatives, the In Vitro Fertilization is one of important processes. These processes require the options available to the doctors. The sperm donators donate their perm and the sperms are matched up with the egg. There are two processes. When any surrogate is taken, then in tube both the sperm and the egg are kept together to get mixed with each other to create a zygote. And the zygote is left in the tube for several days usually one week. Then it takes toward the surrogate’s womb. The surrogate may be aged but she must have the uterus.